Talking to one another is a form of etiquette. Above all, it demands attention, empathy, and the desire to understand the other person. This is only possible if the relationship between both dialogue partners is supported by a positive, respectful attitude. Only then can the content of the discussion be understood at all.


As a communication consultant and coach, I work with all clients individually, I listen and encourage them to think of new ideas, to dare and to develop.  With a free, independent view, we look at the obstacles together. Above all, I help the client to search for ways of achieving the desired goals and transformations.



    Targeted communication needs a solid analysis


    Good internal communication is a key factor in success for companies. What a company lacks in communication is often clear when inadequacies are revealed.  Frequently, subjective experiences and emotions also play a role. For this reason, it is important to have a comprehensive analysis in order to identify problem areas and impairments in communication, which reach beyond personal sensitivities.


    Before any action or direction, we consult with the client, either alone or with the entire management team. Our method acknowledges that people are unique, just like the situations that you find as consultants. Therefore, there are no standardized methods, but rather individual strategies and coordinated measures specifically tailored to the situation. The goal is to create framework conditions in which satisfied employees have a functioning climate that enables flexible and productive work and interaction at all levels. Thus, internal communication becomes a significant and valuable factor. The creation of value.



    Overcome obstacles and tackle new goals


    Coaching is a matter of trust. This happens after decades of experience.

    I perform my own coaching. My approach as business coach and life coach is systemic and solution-oriented and fundamentally humanistic. I work with my clients empathetically, respectfully, and with great trust and confidence.  A good relationship with my clients is the prerequisite for successful coaching.


    In order to achieve lasting success, one must face and assess the situation. It is important to regain clarity, to understand yourself better, to overcome the obstacles and pursue new goals. You want to find and occupy your place in the company and get motivated by personal success. It is important for my clients to recognize that they already have the solution within them.  My coaching will supplement you in this area and help you realize your solution.




    Training goal: behind good communication are personalites


    The advantage of workshops lies in group dynamics. Clients in my seminars receive thoughtful and constructive feedback, and become familiar with their self-perception and how others perceive them.  The content and level of your communication, including relationships and dynamics, can be directly tested and trained. The seminar topics range from rhetoric, impact, occurrence, and conflict management. Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of the group, which is usually an optimal size of six to twelve people.


    Topic Examples:


    • Leadership as a task of communication
    • Effective conversation with one another
    • Rhetoric: how be convincing, persuasive and communicate correctly
    • Appearing confident and present
    • Negotiation success according to the "Harvard Method of Negotiation"
    • Women in Leadership Positions – Smart and Assertive
    • Resiliency in the Company
    • Conflict Management




Internal communication should be largely strategic. How do you synchronize internal communication with corporate objectives?





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If the job demands more ...There is a network of experts on your side.


Internal communication and coaching are the main focus of Christa Kallfelz Kommunikation. Often, however, a sustainable approach to solutions requires experts from other areas of communication. In this case, Christa Kallfelz Kommunikation works cooperatively with SSP to guarantee a smooth, full service to the customers.


For this reason, I have been a member of the advisory team of the Cologne agency, SSP Kommunikation since 2015. When necessary, for issues outside of my expertise, I can rely on the knowledge of my colleagues in the SSP team. Likewise, I bring my own expertise to SSP when they need outside consulting.


SSP Kommunikation is an agency that specializes in communication consulting, and has been successfully operating in the market for nearly three decades. Here, analytical and strategic strengths are cultivated, and the customers have an ally in the operational implementation of the strategies and concepts.



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